Honey - The range

Honey - The range

The range of honey flavours is available in a variety of formats as required, including natural or non-natural and liquid or powdered.

The range comprises flavours based on a number of different profiles found in beehives including:

•Comb honey    •Mild honey    •Mānuka type honey

•Dark honey      •Floral honey


Honey - Applications

Honey - Applications

As honey becomes more prevalent across all categories, consumers will begin to demand more than just a standard honey profile and will pick products based on their preferred honey varietal.

Synergy’s expert applications team have showcased the new honey flavours in an extensive range of different products, including:

•Honey flavoured beer    •Honey flavoured liqueur 

•Mānuka style yogurt      •Lemon and honey cake 

•Honey dressing, sauces and marinades 

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