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Chilli Flavouring | Synergy Flavours

Chilli - The range

Chilli - The range

To contend with the growing demand for a wider variety of chilli, Synergy has created an extensive range of pastes, seasonings and flavours to give your product the distinct chilli profile required to appeal to today's discerning consumer.

Included in this range is a varied selection of different flavour profiles, ranging from household chillis such as Jalapeño, Ancho and Chipotle flavours to Jamaican jerk and chilli and lime pastes and seasonings.

So whatever your chilli needs, Synergy can help you create your perfect product.

Chilli - Applications

Chilli - Applications

Chilli is now well established as an integral part of almost every cuisine on the globe and is key in attracting customers of varying spice tolerance levels.

Synergy's extensive chilli range can cater to any heat level or specific chilli profile, so spice up your NPD today.

Synergy's expert applications team have showcased our chilli range in an extensive range of products, including:

•Breads   •Ready meals

•Soups    •Sauces

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