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Passion Fruit Flavouring | Synergy Flavours

Passion fruit - The range

Passion fruit - The range

Our range of passion fruit flavours were created in partnership with our colleagues in Brazil to guarantee an authentic Latin American profile.

Available in both liquid and spray dry format, our new range comprises both purple and yellow passion fruit varieties.

Working with our sensory team, we have assembled a range of purple and yellow passion fruit flavours, each with their own distinct flavour profiles.

With five different passion fruit profiles, we've got the perfect flavour solution for any application

Passion fruit - applications

Passion fruit - applications

Whilst the Brazilian Olympic Committee are putting the finishing touches on their stadia, so too should you be adding to your product range. With the window for pre-Olympic innovation fast closing, the time to make the most of passion fruit is now.

Synergy's application teams have showcased our passion fruit flavours in a number of different applications:

•Passion fruit pre-workout drinks   •Passion fruit yoghurt

•Coconut & passion fruit muffins    •Mango & passion fruit WPC




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