Vanilla is one of the world’s most popular flavours, conjuring feelings of indulgence, nostalgia and familiarity
in applications from ice cream and yoghurts, to handmade cake and biscuits.

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Approximately 2,000 tonnes of dried vanilla is produced worldwide each year The Melipona bee pollinates the vanilla orchids, but can only be found in Mexico The two most common vanilla species used in flavours are Bourbon and Tahitian

Vanilla Background and Origins

2,000 Tonnes Produced

The Melipona Bee

Bourbon and Tahitian

Vanilla plants grow within a range of 20 degrees either side of the equator The four stages of vanilla production - harvest, killing, sweating and drying 250 organic compounds create pure vanilla’s unique flavour and aroma, giving it one of the most complex tastes in the world

Vanilla Production Today

20 Degrees North or South

Production Stages


Vanilla’s use as an ingredient continues to grow in popularity, with vanilla NPD reaching 2373 in 2014 Vanilla is most commonly used as an ingredient in chilled desserts, frozen dairy products and sweet cookies

Vanilla Usage

Enduring Popularity

Vanilla as an ingredient

Synergy has over 100 years of vanilla expertise combining analytical and sensory capabilities to produce smooth, rich vanilla flavours Synergy flavours offers a versatile range of customised vanilla solutions including extracts, flavours and pastes Did you know: Vanilla growers used to brand their beans so they could catch vanilla thieves

Synergy Expertise
and Range

100 Years

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