Farm Zero C is a collaboration between Carbery, BiOrbic and others to create a climate-neutral, economically-viable dairy farm.

The project takes a holistic approach, combining a range of technologies and practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the productivity and resilience of the farm.

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Farm Zero C explained

A zero emissions dairy farm

Carbery Farm Zero

In a world first project for agriculture, Carbery, BiOrbic and our partners are creating a climate-neutral dairy farm by undertaking an interdisciplinary programme of work, targeting several areas:


Soil and Soil Carbon

Capturing carbon within the soil by planting multi-species swards. This allows reduction of fertiliser and produces more resilient grass.


Animal Diet and Breeding

Trialling different types of diet that change animal digestion, reducing the amount of methane emitted by cows.



Maintaining and improving biodiversity on the farm and leveraging the natural ecosystem to reduce the reliance on pesticides and fertiliser.


Life-cycle Analysis

Analysing the total environmental inputs and outputs on the farm to understand overall carbon emissions and where savings can be made.


Renewable Energy

Sourcing renewable energy where possible to reduce the farm’s reliance on carbon-emitting fossil fuels.


Clover and Multi Species

Trialling multi-species swards to improve productivity and reduce fertiliser use.


The Farm Zero C project brings together contributions from the following partners and collaborators. Developing pioneering projects like Farm Zero C helps safeguard our farmer suppliers’ future.