Launching successful products to meet the latest consumer demands requires a flavour partner that blends art, science and insights to help you navigate, and even predict, global taste and culinary trends while supporting your innovation process from start to finish.  

Synergy layers deep consumer understanding with a long-standing heritage of flavour development and modern extraction technology, to create an exceptional array of quality taste solutions. Backed-up by technical teams with the expertise needed to overcome even the toughest taste challenge.

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Inspiring Trends


Our global marketing team works on consumer trends that are going to impact the food and beverage industry in the years to come.


Trendcast Podcast


Trendcast by Synergy Flavours is a food and beverage podcast dedicated to discussing the latest consumer trends, innovation and other hot topics across global food, beverage and nutrition categories.


Insights & Inspiration

Innovation at Synergy

Our capabilities allow us to conduct analytical research and sensory evaluation using cutting-edge sensory methodology.

This robust approach ensures that we can collect pertinent and in-depth data that provides strong, reliable results on which to make sound decisions and new flavour advances.


Technical Reports

With extensive experience in creating inspiring flavours, we have developed a global team of experts with the insights, technical expertise, and creativity to proactively meet your challenges,

Learn about new technology and research from Synergy through our extensive reports and whitepapers.


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Insights & Innovation

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