Our People

We aim to be a best-in-class employer for our diverse, multi-cultural, multi-generational workforce

Our People

We employ almost 900 people at 12 sites around the world. Our business is growing and expanding, creating exciting opportunities for our people to learn new skills, develop their careers and fulfil their potential.

We believe what we do matters and it’s important our people understand their professional development and personal wellbeing matters to us too.

That’s why we’re committed to being a best-in-class employer, so our people feel safe, respected, rewarded and empowered at work.

Our Policies and Programmes

We believe in doing the right thing and have high expectations of our people. We are committed to nurturing a culture that supports diversity, inclusion, respect, and ethical behaviour at all times. Every employee is entitled to a safe workplace and support for their health and wellbeing.


Developing our People

We are committed to helping our people achieve their personal development goals and fulfil their potential. We offer a wide range of training and development programmes to help our people learn new skills, take the next step and meet their longer-term aspirations. Wherever they want to go in their career, we’re at their side, providing support and creating opportunities.


Building the Right Culture

We’re passionate about nurturing a positive work environment because we can all see the tangible benefits of reduced stress and enhanced creativity, productivity and happiness in the workplace.

We believe in inspiring and nurturing the individual so they have the skills and confidence to make a positive contribution to the business, whether on their own or as part of a flourishing team.

From wellness days, health checks and flu vaccinations to employee assistance schemes and reward programmes, we believe in helping and supporting our people both in and out of work.


Keeping our People Safe

Everyone should feel safe at work and feel confident that potential risks have been eliminated or mitigated. Safety is an ongoing priority. Whether it’s updating and improving our Good Catch injury-prevention programmes.

Effective management of health and safety is fundamental for Synergy Flavours in creating a safe environment that contributes to all aspects of business improvement.

Synergy Flavours is also committed to ethical business practices and policies that protect workers from abuse and exploitation and eliminating acts of modern slavery associated with our business or that of our supply chain.


Synergy Green Team, High Wycombe

Sarah Kelly, SSE Coordinator

Health & Safety

I think the green team is an exciting opportunity to do something a bit different from the day to day while contributing and supporting the sustainability goals of the business, from waste to carbon footprint.

It’s a great mix of people from all departments which gives us a good insight into each area, starting with the small steps internally we hope can make a big difference.