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We understand the multiple challenges of launching a product that satisfies ever-more sophisticated consumer demands in a highly competitive market.

As flavour specialists, our experts blend art, science and insight to help you anticipate, influence and direct global taste and culinary trends while supporting and accelerating your innovation and development process, from concept ideation to commercialisation.

We bring together commercial and market insight, long-standing dairy and flavour heritage and cutting-edge extraction technology to overcome the toughest taste challenge and create exceptional flavour solutions to delight your customers.

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The Art of Flavour

Achieving the perfect flavour isn’t just a matter of chemistry.

We understand it also requires a careful blend of food science, culinary insight and an instinct for the perfect ingredients, making the pursuit of flavour as much an art as it is a science.




Research and analysis the key to our global success.

From matching to creation, to understanding the flavour matrices of challenging food bases – such as plant-based proteins – our research team is integral to the innovation process.



We care deeply about our customers and work diligently to understand their unique challenges, markets, and ambitions.

Whether it’s consumer data from our marketing teams or organoleptic and hedonistic insights from our sensory scientists, we can help you capture unique opportunities to differentiate your product in a competitive market.



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Our global team of experts is standing by to help you meet your flavour challenges. Read our reports and whitepapers to find out more about our passion for technology and innovation.

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We have developed a cutting-edge sensory methodology that provides a robust, data-driven foundation to help us make sound decisions and continually push the envelope in pursuit of the perfect flavour solution.

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