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Combining art, science and insights to create high-impact flavours that inspire and enhance taste is core to our approach.


With a wide variety of trending flavours and classic favourites, dessert flavours, sweet browns, fruit flavours and more.

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Shape - sweet Sweet


Dairy solutions for dairy, dairy-free and plant-based food and beverage.

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dairy image Dairy


Flavours, seasonings, and culinary pastes suitable for both meat and plant-based products.

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Savouryx144px-01 Savoury

Plant-Based Solutions

Bring your plant-based products to life with authentic flavours and taste modulation solutions.

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Solutions_plant based Plant-Based Solutions

Taste Modulation

Our portfolio leverages a robust toolbox of characterising and modulating taste solutions.

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Taste Modulation_Taste Modulations V3 Taste Modulation

Taste Modulation

Whether the goal is to boost sweetness, improve indulgence and mouthfeel or mask undesired notes, our modulation portfolio and expertise will support you with your next reformulation project.

Our taste modulation portfolio leverages a robust toolbox of characterising and modulating taste solutions to address these multi-dimensional taste challenges.

Insights & Inspiration

Inspiring Citrus

Synergy’s global citrus programme opens up a world of possibilities for manufacturers looking to tap into the demands of today’s consumers.

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Speciality Tea in Asia

Tea in general is well-known to be extremely good for health. In Asian countries, tea is not only a hugely popular beverage but also a part of culture and custom.

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Fantasy Flavours

From unicorns through to mermaids and flamingos, we have seen an explosion of colour and imagination on our shelves in recent times.

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Baking went Bananas!

The ‘brilliant banana loaf’ recipe became BBC good food’s highest searched recipe on the website and google searches for Banana Bread rose by 84% in the UK and 54% worldwide.

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Power up your plant-based protein

Consumer demand for plant-based protein products in the sports nutrition market is continuing to boom and market growth is showing no signs of abating.  Social media is abuzz too! 

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Inspiring tastes america

With the interest in American cuisine at an all-time high and showing no sign of slowing down, we have added a number of flavours and pastes to further extend our American range.

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What’s all the buzz about honey?

People have been drawn to the taste of honey for as long as bees have been building hives. With its popularity rising among consumers, honey is appearing on product labels for everything from yoghurts to alcoholic beverages.

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Our creative, insight-driven approach to flavour development, together with our outstanding technical expertise, truly sets us apart.

And to ensure our customers’ new product development is one step ahead of the competition, we’re constantly searching for the latest food trends to inspire our new flavour creations.

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