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Plant-based ingredients are becoming more mainstream across many food categories as consumers look for natural products to fit their lifestyle.

There is a growing number of people adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet either on a full time or part time basis which is being driven by a mixture of environmental awareness, as well as the perceived health benefits of introducing Plant-based foods to the diet.

Good taste is paramount, and this is no exception when working with Plant-based products. Our flavour expertise and knowledge of working across a wide range of product categories mean that we have the technical skills to deliver flavour enhancing solutions for a range of vegan applications.

Consumer Behaviours

Consumer behaviours are changing, with increased appetite for premium and indulgent flavours that don’t compromise on convenience or health.  

We’re constantly researching the latest trends and influences to help you understand what consumers desire, whether that’s exotic new tastes or a twist on classic favourites.

Our collaborative approach allows us to deliver tailored ingredients that complement your existing product recipes to stay relevant in a fast-changing market.


Plant-based Beverages

Taste, texture, and indulgence are all increasingly important factors to consider when developing Plant-based products.

Consumers don’t want to have to compromise on any of these factors, and it’s creating both opportunities and challenges for manufacturers.

By working with flavour partners like Synergy, manufacturers can ensure that consumers don’t have to make a choice between Plant-based or taste – they can have it all!

Discover harmonised taste across a range of Plant-based products with Synergy Flavours. Contact us today for more information about how we can help resolve your Plant-based taste challenges.


Plant Nutrition

Meat Alternatives

Dairy Alternatives

Milk Alternatives

Cheese Alternatives

Plant-based Desserts

Plant-based Baked Goods

Taste Modulation

Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry are under growing pressure to produce healthier products without compromising on taste.  

This can mean ingredient reduction to improve nutritional labelling or adding others to boost the health profile, both of which create unique and complex taste challenges.  

Our taste modulation portfolio leverages a robust toolbox of characterising and modulating taste solutions to address these multi-dimensional taste challenges and deliver healthy products with the taste consumers love.

Insights & Inspiration

Plant based consumer insights

Synergy Flavours conducts primary research studies and analysis to better understand the behaviours and preferences of consumer groups, delivering actionable insights to influence product innovation.

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Power up your plant-based protein

Consumer demand for plant-based protein products in the sports nutrition market is continuing to boom and market growth is showing no signs of abating.  Social media is abuzz too! 

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Bring your plant-based products to life with authentic flavours and taste modulation solutions.

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