The market for nutrition products targeted at gamers

Esports and video gaming are two of the fastest growing and most dynamic markets in the world. The global gaming market is now worth around $152bn but continues to register significant (9.6% y-o-y) growth. Not only that, but gaming has near global appeal, with significant markets in most parts of the world.

Global_video_gaming_market Global_video_gaming_market Global_video_gaming_market

Brands are already moving in this space

Beverage_product_launches_targeted_at_gamers Beverage_product_launches_targeted_at_gamers Beverage_product_launches_targeted_at_gamers

How can new products capitalise?

The modern video gamer has a variety of different need states driven by factors such as competitive level and game type. Products which can improve energy, focus and performance will always be appealing, but here is also room for other novel products such as meal replacements, healthier snacking or even products to support postgame relaxation.

Different_product_types_that_interest_gamers Different_product_types_that_interest_gamers Different_product_types_that_interest_gamers

Product Types

Energy and Focus

Meal Replacements

Post Game Relaxation

Conventional Nutrition


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