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135 years of citrus heritage | Synergy Flavours

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The world-renowned flavour of Italian citrus is at the heart of our heritage.

Synergy Italy which was originally founded by the Janoušek Brothers in Prague and was the world's 3rd established supplier of natural flavours and extracts in 1883. Since then, we have been extracting the authentic flavours of Italian citrus by leveraging our direct relationship with citrus farmers and suppliers across the regions of Sicily and Calabria amongst others. 135 years of traditional extraction techniques means we can capture the best of Italian fruits at the peak of freshness.

Our Sourcing

Contracts & agreements with our domestic suppliers in growing regions means guaranteed reliable and efficient supply of premium raw materials.

Our Tradition

We process the highest quality fruits directly from nature using our traditional extraction techniques, enabling us to deliver natural and authentic citrus profiles.

Our Knowledge

Our rich heritage, know-how and in-depth expertise in citrus spans across decades, helping you deliver the most authentic Italian taste experience.

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Everything you need to know about citrus

From the unique varietals of lemon to the nuances between different types of citrus fruits. Join Synergy's global team of citrus experts in a series of educational webinars that explore the world of citrus across different growing regions and varieties. We explore the specific flavour notes that sort the mandarins from the blood oranges and explain why Sicilian lemons taste different to Calabrian ones. Watch the latest webinar in the series to inspire your next citrus product development project.

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A world of possibilities

Speak to our team today to discover how we can support you with creating a signature citrus note for your food or beverage product development.

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