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High quality extracts & essences from Synergy Flavours

Extracts - Coffee, Tea...

Extracts - Coffee, Tea...

Coffee, Tea, Herb, Botanical, Fruit and Vegetable Essences & Extracts

We offer spinning cone technology that captures the natural flavour and aroma components at optimum quality and with minimal flavour loss.

Extracts - Pure Vanilla Extract

Extracts - Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure Vanilla Extract

With over 100 years of vanilla expertise, our authentic and inspirationally tailored vanilla ingredients are perfect for a broad range of sweet applications.

Learn more about our Synergy Pure™ Vanilla Extract.

Extracts - Our Development Team

Our development team works in close partnership with customers to determine the product attributes critical to specific application requirements. Focusing on aspects including aromatics, colour, clarity and bioactives, our expertise ensures we can adapt and tailor our core range to deliver the optimum result for you.

For more information about Synergy PureTM extracts and essences, contact us. 

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