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Blackcurrant | Synergy Flavours

Blackcurrant - The range

Blackcurrant - The range

Our blackcurrant flavours are expertly crafted with a European market in mind allowing you to add a familiar flavour profile to your product.

Available in liquid and powdered format, our blackcurrant range also comprises both non-natural and natural flavourings allowing us the flexibility to meet any customer requirement.

Our flavourists can also work with your own product development team to create something more bespoke if your product requires it.

Blackcurrant - Applications

Blackcurrant - Applications

 As blackcurrant's usage increases in line with the trend for Modern European flavours, consumers will become increasingly accustomed to seeing blackcurrant in a variety of different applications.

Synergy's expert applications team have showcased our blackcurrant flavours in an extensive range of different products, including:

•Blackcurrant & liquorice ice cream    •Cider and black

•Blackcurrant & lavender yoghurt       •Blackcurrant pre-workout drink

•Blackcurrant, lemon & white chocolate tray bake

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