Performance Nutrition

Meeting the taste expectations of a new consumer

Performance Nutrition

Great performance that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Nutritional products are no longer confined to the niche sports market. As protein-based food and drinks attract new customers pursuing performance, health and lifestyle goals, flavour is proving a key differentiator to help your product stand out in the highly competitive mass market.


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Discover Carbery

We’re experts when it comes to flavouring nutritional products. We’re proud to be part of Carbery, a dairy producer and manufacturer of whey protein.

Our in-depth understanding of the nutrition market combined with cutting edge research and development capabilities mean we can help you stay ahead of the competition and deliver products that deliver outstanding performance without compromising on taste. 

Our extensive range of solutions – from core flavours, maskers, functional flavours and dairy enhancers to customised profiles – can help you develop winning results across a wide range of nutritionally enhanced applications.


Functional foods

Ready-to-drink beverages

Sports nutrition mixes

Protein bars

Weight management products



Pre-workout beverages

Flavours of the Future

The sports and performance nutrition market is characterised by innovation in order to meet the demands of a highly engaged customer base that is always seeking the latest nutritional science and has an appetite to explore new formats and flavours.

Our experts are excited to meet these expectations and are constantly analysing changing customer behaviours, social media chatter and wider market dynamics to help our clients understand and anticipate the next big trend. 

For each region, we have analysed inspiration categories to identify ten flavours ranging from emerging to established, which we predict will be the future must-have flavours for the sports nutrition category.

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Flavour and consumer insights for the beverage market.

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Beverages 2 Beverage


Explore our deep understanding of the nutrition market.

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Nutrition Nutrition

Dairy & Alternatives

Insights and innovation for the dairy & dairy alternative markets

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Dairy Alternatives Dairy & Alternatives

Sweet Goods

Intimate knowledge of sweet goods markets & product development.

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Sweet Goods Sweet Goods

Savoury Goods

Flavour and consumer insights for the savoury market.

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Savoury Savoury Goods


Bring your plant-based products to life with authentic flavours and taste modulation solutions.

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Plant Based Plant-based

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