Vanilla Collection

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Vanilla Collection

With vanilla extraction expertise dating back to 1911, we understand the artistry and the science better than anyone when it comes to producing high-quality sustainable vanilla flavours.

Combining our proven extraction techniques with cutting-edge sensory analysis expertise, we offer a wide range of customisable vanilla extracts and natural flavourings. 

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Learn about our relationship with vanilla farmers in Madagascar

The Story of Vanilla

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Vanilla is well-known as the world’s favourite flavour. The story of vanilla is rich, filled with global and cultural travel, evolution, and taste complexity.

Vanilla: Market & Consumer

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At Synergy, we know vanilla is anything but plain. Learn about consumer preferences and market presence of vanilla across food, drink, and nutrition.

Our Product Range

Madagascan Vanilla Extract

Depictable Vanilla Flavours

Natural Vanilla Flavours

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Whether you require a Madagascan pure vanilla extract for a creamy cheesecake, or an Indonesian smoky profile for a luxury ice cream, our technical experts work with you to develop a tailored solution to meet your exact requirements.

Available as pure vanilla extracts or as vanilla flavouring in powder and liquid forms, our range also includes options that are clean label and derived from natural, organic sources.

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Explore our Taste Solutions

We offer a full range of flavours, from the home-grown to the exotic, from the subtle to the impactful.


With a wide variety of trending flavours and classic favourites, dessert flavours, sweet browns, fruit flavours and more.

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Dairy solutions for dairy, dairy-free and plant-based food and beverage.

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dairy image Dairy


Flavours, seasonings, and culinary pastes suitable for both meat and plant-based products.

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Plant-Based Solutions

Bring your plant-based products to life with authentic flavours and taste modulation solutions.

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Solutions_plant based Plant-Based Solutions

Taste Modulation

Our portfolio leverages a robust toolbox of characterising and modulating taste solutions.

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Taste Modulation_Taste Modulations V3 Taste Modulation

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