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The soft drink category continues to see high levels of innovation as new ingredients and trends come into the spotlight each year. Our team of beverage and market experts understand this and keep tabs on the category’s pulse to support your development of beverages that deliver high-quality taste.

From the initial concept ideation through to the development with our unique solutions, we act as an extension of your innovation team to help you succeed in a continuously growing beverage market.

Whether you want to optimise your current flavour line-ups or craft new line extensions for your brand, we offer a full range of beverage formulation tools to deliver the great taste your consumers crave.

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Technical Challenges

The technical challenges involved mean that consulting a flavour and beverage specialist like Synergy Flavours is fundamental. Our market and consumer insights help us to anticipate flavour trends to help your products stand out. From new product development, range improvement or modifications in line with new legislation or regulations our experienced applications team is here to support you.

We combine traditional and modern flavour technology with insights and application expertise to support you in delivering great-tasting soft drinks. 

Whether you are looking to tap into latest flavour and category trends or if you are looking for depiction or provenance solutions, our beverage category team have everything you need to stay one step ahead of the competition.

We have a range of solutions from natural flavours through to extracts, essence, and taste modulation solution.



Juice Drinks


Carbonated Beverages

Energy Drinks


Taste Modulation

Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry are under growing pressure to produce healthier products without compromising on taste. 

This can mean ingredient reduction to improve nutritional labelling or adding others to boost the health profile, both of which create unique and complex taste challenges.  

Our taste modulation portfolio leverages a robust toolbox of characterising and modulating taste solutions to address these multi-dimensional taste challenges and deliver healthy products with the taste consumers love.

Inspiring Fruits

Today’s consumers increasingly demand transparency and authenticity from food and beverage producers. Using a blend of art, science and insight, we capture and preserve the best of what nature has to offer so you can keep product labels as clean and natural as possible.

Synergy’s inspiring fruits range helps you find your path to natural fruit tastes in your products. From clean-label essences to natural-named flavours and depiction of fruits on pack, this

true-to-nature range offers authenticity and flexibility to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

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