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Tea and coffee continue to see year-on-year growth in both hot and cold beverage formats, creating opportunities for new brands and products to fill store shelves and menus. 

Our dedicated coffee and tea facilities produce the highest quality essences and have access to our applications teams around the world to help you develop a winning solution for this hugely important market.

Whether your challenge is delivering authentic tasting Tea and coffee beverages, pairing different flavour profiles or reducing sugar, our expertise in this area will enable you to create great tasting drinks.

Our essences are derived directly from coffee beans and tea leaves and are captured at the optimal moment to provide the freshly brewed taste experience consumers expect.

We offer formulation expertise in coffee and tea beverages to up-and-coming functional, fortified, or alcoholic variations of end products.

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Our Products


Synergy_Coffeee-250 Synergy_Coffeee-250 Synergy_Coffeee-250

Medium roast · High roast · Organic · Fair Trade
· Natural Flavours


Synergy_Tea-250 Synergy_Tea-250 Synergy_Tea-250

Black Tea · Green Tea · White Tea · Roobois · Natural Flavours
· Perfectly Paired Flavours

Synergy Pure™

Nature created it. We captured it.™

Synergy Pure’s™ water-based extracts & essences are created using naturally sourced, plant-based ingredients that are distinguished by their freshly picked flavour components derived from our proprietary processing system.

With the horticultural ingredient held in nothing but water, our Synergy Pure™ extracts & essences provide a true-to-nature taste experience for your end consumer while meeting clean label requirements.

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