Our seasoning portfolio complements our wider savoury range


As well as offering standard herb and spice blends, we can also combine flavour technology to create added value seasonings.

By layering in natural flavours with herbs, spices and yeast extracts, we’re able to create seasonings with additional complexity that can deliver great taste to even the most challenging bases.

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Endless Flavour Combinations

Our broad range of seasonings includes profiles such as meat, fish, herbs, spices, cheese and dairy.

We also offer seasonings inspired by world cuisine.

Explore Culinary Pastes

We have developed an extensive range of premium, slow-cooked pastes, which offer our customers an intense and authentic flavour delivery.

Explore culinary pastes CULINARY PASTES

Explore Savoury Flavours

We offer a range of natural flavours for savoury products, including meat flavours for plant-based, cooking keys and more.

Explore savoury flavours SAVOURY FLAVOURS

Explore our Taste Solutions

We offer a full range of flavours, from the home-grown to the exotic, from the subtle to the impactful.


With a wide variety of trending flavours and classic favourites, dessert flavours, sweet browns, fruit flavours and more.

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Shape - sweet Sweet


Dairy solutions for dairy, dairy-free and plant-based food and beverage.

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dairy image Dairy


Flavours, seasonings, and culinary pastes suitable for both meat and plant-based products.

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Savouryx144px-01 Savoury

Plant-Based Solutions

Bring your plant-based products to life with authentic flavours and taste modulation solutions.

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Solutions_plant based Plant-Based Solutions

Taste Modulation

Our portfolio leverages a robust toolbox of characterising and modulating taste solutions.

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Taste Modulation_Taste Modulations V3 Taste Modulation

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We’re passionate about helping our customers create great products.

Contact our sales and marketing team to request a sample, discuss a product specification or to learn more on our broad range of flavours and solutions.