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Co-creation & Collaboration

Synergy’s success is reliant on our commitment to innovation. Our customers can expect to benefit from our desire to push the boundaries of food and flavour whether that’s in new technologies, optimised processes or insights gleaned from working at the forefront of the food, beverage and nutrition space.

Taste for Performance

We work closely with our Nutrition division in Carbery, to combine our flavour expertise with their knowledge of whey protein. This unique combination of expertise means we have unrivalled ability to develop products that strike the perfect balance of exceptional taste and outstanding performance. 

Working in partnership with our customers, our flavour chemists, R&D scientists and application specialists can create delicious flavour solutions for specific audiences and formats.

Visit to learn about the latest taste for performance nutrition.

A Sweeter Taste

Working collaboratively with industry experts has given us a unique understanding of sweetness solutions and allowed us to develop a portfolio of flavour solutions which can be used in conjunction with sweeteners to create market leading, reduced sugar products for our customers.

Find out more about how we collaborated with an industry leading sweetener supplier to deliver a range of great tasting, zero-sugar tonics which pair perfectly with gin!

Next Gen Calorie Reduction

Working collaboratively with industry experts has allowed us to extend our knowledge beyond flavour and taste challenges. We combine our expertise in flavour with the latest texture solutions to improve the taste experience of reduced calorie products.


Plant based consumer insights

Synergy Flavours conducts primary research studies and analysis to better understand the behaviours and preferences of consumer groups, delivering actionable insights to influence product innovation.

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Blonde Chocolate

Blonde chocolate, also known as caramelised or golden chocolate, is making a return to our shelves and social media feeds.

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Low and No session

The Synergy beverage team had a virtual session with Laura Willoughby – Co-Founder of Club Soda and Christine Partkinson – Co-Founder of Brimful Drinks.

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Inspiring Citrus

Synergy’s global citrus programme opens up a world of possibilities for manufacturers looking to tap into the demands of today’s consumers.

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Speciality Tea in Asia

Tea in general is well-known to be extremely good for health. In Asian countries, tea is not only a hugely popular beverage but also a part of culture and custom.

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2020 Halloween Review

Like all holidays, Halloween comes once a year. A day for children and adults to dress up in spooky costumes, play pranks and enjoy as many sweets and chocolates as they can get their hands on.

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We’re Feeling Nostalgic

Nostalgia trends come around in waves – generally around times of uncertainty. Nostalgia is a trend that has been growing considerably recently in the media, fashion and food. 

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Fantasy Flavours

From unicorns through to mermaids and flamingos, we have seen an explosion of colour and imagination on our shelves in recent times.

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Low and No alcohol

Low and no alcohol is an emerging trend in the beverage sector set to shake up the landscape and people’s perception of social drinking.

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Baking went Bananas!

The ‘brilliant banana loaf’ recipe became BBC good food’s highest searched recipe on the website and google searches for Banana Bread rose by 84% in the UK and 54% worldwide.

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2020 consumer trends: the future of food & drink

As an industry, we are constantly working to anticipate consumer trends, to capitalise on the next big thing. As is the case in fashion, in food and drink, some trends are fleeting, while others evolve, have regular revivals, or become permanent fixtures.

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Power up your plant-based protein

Consumer demand for plant-based protein products in the sports nutrition market is continuing to boom and market growth is showing no signs of abating.  Social media is abuzz too! 

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Catering for coffee connoisseurs

Research has found that major capital investment is being made into many expanding coffee businesses, along with time, effort and skill into differentiating their product lines.

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Inspiring Tastes America

With the interest in American cuisine at an all-time high and showing no sign of slowing down, we have added a number of flavours and pastes to further extend our American range.

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What’s all the buzz about honey?

People have been drawn to the taste of honey for as long as bees have been building hives. With its popularity rising among consumers, honey is appearing on product labels for everything from yoghurts to alcoholic beverages.

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Get yourself ‘set’ for Wimbledon

Wimbledon will take centre stage at the end of the month – and statistics reveal the scale of its global appeal. Last year, Tweets about Wimbledon were viewed an incredible eight billion times.

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